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Ashley grace & JC Simpson Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Timing is everything

Frank's wife, "JC" walks in on him getting intimate with Ashley/Alexis; their new fembot maid/secretary/nanny!

JC scolds Frank stating that if it happens again the robot is going back to the dealer. As an added measure When he leaves the room she immobilizes the robot and deletes her sex programming. She leaves to run a few errands. Sure enough the husband resumes his activities the second his wife leaves only to watch his robot malfunction as she states that she is not programmed for sexual activity. While repairing the robot he discovers his wife’s tampering. He reinstalls the droid’s sex programming, but makes a few adjustments. He programs the android to seduce and pleasure his wife as a practical joke.

When his wife, JC returns she activates the android and gives it a list of household chores. She is caught off guard when the fembot approaches her and pulls the wife towards her into a strong embrace. The android plants a passionate kiss on the wife’s lips which the wife quickly breaks free of, demanding to know what in the hell she is doing. The droid continues her advances eventually grabbing the wife from behind. She holds the wife in one place and caresses the wife’s body. The wife succumbs to the overwhelming pleasure and caresses herself in unison with robots wandering hands. She is confused by her own reaction and questions her out of character behavior.

Suddenly she begins to twitch as the pleasure becomes too intense. She cries out “what's
happening to me, Error, error, I’m not programmed for girls” “Programmed? I can’t be programmed I’m not a robot” She turns, to face the maid and with a confused and frightened look on her face. Her head cocks to the side as she cries out “I’m not programmed for girls, malfunction unit malfunctioning” She cries “I can’t be malfunctioning, only robots malfunction, I’m not a robot” The maid continues her advances and from a now very willing and engaged partner.

The wife continues to periodically spout warnings “Error Error, circuits are overloading” but I don’t have circuits “I can't be overloading, only robots overload” “it's not possible, not possible I’m an android…an android. The maid continues to pleasure the malfunctioning wife, The wife cries out “too much pleasure, not programmed for girls, Have to stop.” She cries out I have to stop, but the maid continues on” She tells the wife “ I am programmed to please, you will be pleasured” The wife in an act of desperation reaches around to the maid’s back and pulls free a bundle of wires . The maid announces “Error Error unit damaged must pleasure the


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