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About us
We are a husband and wife team, now that might surprise you, but we both have a lot of fun making these movies and
guiding our angels through our
programming sessions.
What is this site all about?
Well, mainly fun and entertainment, not only for you watching the clips, videos and pictures but also for everyone appearing in them.

Here you'll find all types of beautiful female robots, Fembots, gynoids, androids, cyborgs and fetish armor, grouped and categorized into separate galleries.
This site is all about the joy of watching and experiencing
the master scientist, Dr. Franklin  programming & re-programming his Sexy Angel Fembots, Robots, Android or Gynoid, The Dolls, The Statue, The Living Mannequin!

This site will make your Pleasure circuits reach levels never imagined possible!! and you will get hard even if you are not into Robots / Fembots!

Enjoy watching the master We promise you a memorable experience!


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