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Not your usual TV

The Story is about a TV repair man who arrives at a frantic woman's house. He is there to fix her television but she believes he is a robot tech sent to repair her not the TV.

When he discovers that she is a robot and that she thinks he's a robot tech, the TV repairman decides to play along. Curiosity gets the better of him, but it soon becomes obvious he is in over his head as fumbles through her repairs. He finally admits to the fembot that he just fixes televisions.

She of course freaks out and jumps off the table in mid repair. He warns her that her repairs are incomplete but she refuses to let him near her circuitry again. and she malfunctions. Her seduction program engages and disengages etc...

Cadence: Come in.

Frank: Hi Iím Frank Iím here to fix your...

Cadence: ďOh thank God youíre here, I wasnít expecting you until after four.

Frank: What seems to be the problem?

Cadence: Iím not sure exactly. It seems to be some sort of electrical short. Iím hoping its just a loose wire and not a damaged circuit board or something more serious.

Frank: Hmmm could be weather related, we did have some pretty bad thunder storms yesterday.

Cadence: That must be it, I get pretty wet running from the car to the house.

Frank: Ya it was really coming down yesterday. It just takes one good power surge to knock things out of whack?

Cadence: Oh no, I would have detected any power surges.

Frank: Doesnít matter Iíll figure it out and have you up and running in no time.

Cadence: Thatís such a these malfunctions are unacceptable

Frank: Oh is that your remote lying on the table

Cadence: Affirmative......well I guess its actually Brianís remote. He still likes to use it even though voice commands work just as well. I think it makes him feel more in control.

Frank: We guys do like our toys Cadence cocks her head slightly and flashes a seductive grin as she runs her finger down her cleavage.

Cadence: Some toys are more fun than others........Would you like to play with me?

Frankís attention is focused on the remote and Cadenceís question goes unnoticed Frank: Excuse me what did you say?

Cadence: Oh ! Sorry.......disengaging seduction mode.......I think my system is corrupted

Frank: Come again? I was trying to decipher this remote. It doesnít appear to be factory issue. Did you say there is a voice command feature?

Cadence: Affirmative, but only commands from a recognized user will be accepted.

Frank: Wow voice command, must be a pretty a advanced model.

Cadence: ďPretty advancedĒ More like state of the art.....

Frank: Not a problem thereís nothing electrical that I canít fix. Lets see if I can figure out this crazy remote.

Frank grabs the remote and walks towards the television set. Frank seams a bit confused by the complicated remote and presses several unfamiliar buttons. Suddenly Cadence's body jerks to attention. Frank: Iím not sure this remote is compatible with this set.

Cadence: Hey Be careful with that. You canít just stat pressing button, I Donít need anymore damaged components.

Frank: I wouldnít worry I donít think its doing anything anyway. It might need batteries Iím just going to take a look inside and see if there any obvious sign of damage.

Cadence: ďSo should I lie down for thisĒ

Frank: Oh sure go ahead and take a load off, this may take a while Cadence lies down on a nearby couch

Cadence: Opening primary access panel

Frank: Yes yes Iím getting to it. I just need to get my Philips screwdriver. No maíam that remote is definitely not factory issue.

You should really stick with a Viztech remote.2nd party remotes can screw up your color adjustments and effect overall picture quality.

Cadence: Iím ready to be serviced now. You may now access my internal components.

Things get really hot very fast from here!


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