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Dirty old Grandpa

This week's Robot story is about a man who finds an antique and somewhat outdated yet extremely beautiful sex doll in his late Grandpa's attic. Who would have thought that the old guy was actually way ahead of his time and who could have imagined that it would only take a few turns of the old key she was wearing around her neck, to turn her back on. I mean nobody uses keys anymore.

Outdated or not, that thing was just too beautiful to throw away, besides the way she offered her "services" was a bit, how can I say, simple as her vocabulary seemed limited but never the less hot and very promising, if you know what I mean? OK, she walked stiff legged, her arms and hands moved a bit robotic but all in all, she was a great sex toy and a few minor modifications would easily turn her into a more human like companion. Well, what can I say, those few modifications should cause a hell of a lot of problems, although her performance did improved greatly but...

Very different, very sensual, very robotic and lots of fun.


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