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Everybody has to conform

Excessively incompatible

I always thought that Mrs. Montgomery, the neighborhood associations spokes person, was really hot and I was actually happily surprised when she rang the door bell that afternoon. Well, as it turned out, her visit was not as friendly as I had hoped. In fact, she kept berating me about the color of my house and how "excessively dissimilar" it was in accordance to the allowed colors, stated in the bylaws of our association. The fact that the paint was on sale and that I personally liked the color, was not enough reason for her to let me get away with it. I was just about to get really upset when she suddenly seemed to suffer from some kind of hot flash. She was complaining about the heat right when she came in but it seemed to have gotten worse by the time our "heated" argument was just about to reach a critical point.

As it turned out, our Mrs. Montgomery, was not what she appeared to be, which means, a human. I don't know when they started hiring androids to replace humans but she sure was one. How did it all end. Well, after a series of malfunctions and "well meant" repairs, she was eventually well enough to go back to the association and to tell them to "go f.. themselves! Funny ending, great malfunctions, some sound effects and some hot action.


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