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My husband is kind of funny about that

Grace, a sexy suburban housewife, has been treated by her girlfriend to a relaxing day at a fancy spa. First on the agenda is a relaxing massage by one of the spas masseuses who notices right away that her client seems to feel very uncomfortable about being touched by her. What makes matters worse though, is that she seems absolutely paranoid and afraid when she tries to apply oil on her skin. It is almost as if she is afraid of any kind of liquid around her body.

Things get crazy almost right away when our sexy housewife all of a sudden knocks the bottle of oil out of the masseuses hands and the oily content spills all over the poor girls chest. I don't know how to describe what happens as it is too bizarre. Both women (I am using the term women loosely here) start to talk gibberish, repeat themselves, twitch and eventually malfunction. Luckily the spa manager who was alarmed by all the commotion coming from the room, is able to fix them, for a while that is. Of course the story does not end here.

There are lot's more twists and turns to the story than I can describe here. One thing is for sure though, trying to program these two androids to perform sexual activities kike going down on each other and or offer sex to our spa manager, is not the most brilliant idea the guy could have come up with.

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