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I am a Lieutenant, I am a..

Cherry walks into frame wearing gloves and holding a Ziploc bag full of circuit boards. She is dressed in blazer overtop a blouse and is wearing skirt just above her knees.

Cherry: The closet and drawers have been cleaned out. They knew we were coming.

Cherry raises the Ziploc bag to display the assorted circuit boards.

Cherry: There are three deactivated pleasure bots in the bedroom. They appear to be very high-end units. I'd say 600 series at least. Looks like the poor girls are out of commission for good. Whoever left their internal components was tipped off.

Frank: Lieutenant, you can't seriously think is was one of our people. I don't believe it.

Cherry: I'm going to tell you something that can't leave this room. Internal affairs has suspected a mole for some time,

No body outside of the precinct knew that we were coming, Somebody had to have tipped these guys off. It's the only explanation. I'll tell you something else, they were tipped off recently.

Frank: What makes you say that?

Cherry: They must of left in a rush or they wouldn't have left these.

Frank: What's so valuable about a bunch of circuit boards.

Cherry: These are pleasure modules, some of the most advanced that I've ever seen. Don't you get it? With these modules anyone could convert a basic service bot into a fully-functional sex robot. Most of the service bots being used as secretaries, nurses, and school teachers are nothing more than repurposed sex droids that have had their pleasure modules removed.

Frank: Why not just steal a new fully-functional sex droid? They gotta be worth a fortune, why just the modules?

Cherry: Those new models have too many security features, how do you think we found, these three. But the pleasure modules are completely untraceable. Someone's figured out it's allot easier to smuggle pleasure modules than an entire sex droid. Sex between humans and inorganics is strictly forbidden in most states, making these things worth their weight in gold.
Frank: Looks like were wasting our time, they've already long gone!

Cherry: Keep looking, if they left in hurry they might have slipped up this time and actually left some usable evidence behind.

Cherry searches the apartment, Cherry: What have we here? I told you they were in rush.

Frank: What is that?

Cherry: Its a cell phone. I'm sure its a burner, but it might still have some contacts. Let's check the recent calls and see who are boys have been talking to. Cherry dials the last received call. As she does Frank's phone rings. a look of shock and disbelief comes over her face. Frank tries to play it off quickly hanging up and then pretending that he is talking to his wife.

Frank: Oh Hi honey what's that? You need me pick up milk on my way home. Sure thing sweetie…I'll be home by six….bye. Sorry that was Kim, she wants me stop by the grocery store

Cherry: Since when do you call your wife sweetie. Let me see the Phone Frank

Frank: You can't be serious, you don't think I had anything to do with...

Cherry: Just hand me the phone: Frank: Ok but you're going to be embarrassed when you see Kim's number.

Frank: I'm sorry it had to come to this Lieutenant I always liked you.

Cherry: Wait don't………ahhhhhhhhh Cherry: Warning…..power surge de…de…detected…What have…have you done to me?…you shorted out my…my...circuits…Warning…..power surge detected… Cherry…Warning system failure eminent…I'm ruined... you shorted out…why you little ... when I g...g...get my hands on you!

Cherry: What are…you...what are you doing? …Stop that…..I am. I am Lt Cherry Morgan of the Los Angeles Police Department…You are under arrest…are under arrest…under arrest.

Frank: Wow I can't believe my partner's an android. I've seen some pretty convincing bots, but nothing like you. you must be one of the new 800 series. Let's see if we can't speed this little melt down along……where is your primary access port.

Will Frank get away again and what will happen to his new possession?

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