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Christy Mack Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh no, I cannot short circuit now
We have time for a quickie

of our robot content fans have asked us to bring Christy back and, well, here she is. This one is actually one of my personal favorites and it would be interesting to see what you guys think, so let me know.

Christy, a beautiful escort accidentally knocks over the flower vase on her dresser while getting ready for a very important, let's call it, date. The poor thing realizes immediately that this cannot be good for her as she is, under no circumstances, supposed to get wet. She keeps rambling on about having no time to short circuit and that she is not supposed to get wet when suddenly her driver shows up to take her to the opera where she is supposed to meet her client, I mean date. Anyway, at this point our beautiful fembot shows already signs of damage. She seems to believe that her driver Frank is her client for tonight and she keeps offering him her services, you know, blowjobs, quickies and so on. The poor guy does not know what hit him. Of course her has no idea that she is not a real woman and in all honesty, it takes him a while before her figures it. Being the driver and protector of a beautiful escort can be a tough job.

Imagine being around a beautiful thing like her and never getting any because these girls never seem to be interested in a guy like this. Needless to say he is confused when she starts coming on to him. The pressure builds when her realizes that he might lose his job for not delivering her to her wealthy client on time. Things get crazy when she starts to malfunction on him. Lots of great robotic moves, twitches, monotone talk, walk and of course very sensual. Repairs and malfunction during orgasms.

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