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For domo purpose only

Coati, an attractive door to door saleswoman arrives at Franks door carrying a small brief case. She introduces herself as Coati and ask Frank for a moment of his time. He is hesitant at first, convinced that she is peddling cookware, makeup products, timeshares or some other nonsense that he has no interest in.

Coati insists that she is selling a revolutionary new product that will change every aspect of his life for the better. Again He is hesitant, but is curious as to what could be so fantastic about this mystery product. She then proceeds to place her brief case on the kitchen table. She opens the briefcase and produces what appears to be some sort of remote control/ tablet device along with what appears to be some sort of owner's manual for the device.

Frank is immediately disappointed and tries to quickly put an end to her pitch by announcing that he already has a universal remote for his entertainment system and tells her thanks, but no thanks. She smiles and replies, "oh I think your going to like this" She presses a button on the device and an electronic female voice emanates from the device. The voice announces "Wireless Connection Established, Coati Unit Detected."

Coati speaks into the device and she begins to demonstrate by showing Frank simple functions: such as cleaning mode, cooking, walking, etc....

The malfunction Scenario begins when Frank, begins to inspect the remote for himself causes the Saleswoman to drop the device. Coati announces Coati Unit, awaiting command ..."Sex Mode Activated.

"Stop it I I'm not Programmed for this activity……I Must not be stimulated……" She apologizes to Frank "I am very sorry this highly un' don't know what's gotten into me, I am very well constructed

access granted….rear panel opening

Warning further tampering will void warranty, please contact an authorized Cybermate technician if you feel that this unit is not functioning according to design specifications”


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