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UNPROFESSIONAL BIZ TRIP Frank and Courtney are two coworkers on a business trip together, they are to share a hotel room after her reservations are lost. Courtney is determined to keep things professional, but Frank has other ideas. She tries to discuss business and wants to go over their presentation for tomorrow’s meeting, but is interrupted by his not so subtle advances. As she sits in a chair looking through her papers, he walks behind her. He tells her that she’s worrying too much and way too tense.

Frank begins to massage her shoulders and neck, and she protest, “What do you think you're doing”. He responds, “relax its just a massage, you’re way too stressed” “She then insist, that they need to work on the presentation, but interrupts herself as she gasp in pleasure. She confesses “wow, that fells really good, but we need to focus on the presentation ”. Frank then begins to slip her suit jacket off her shoulders, as she yells “hey what are you doing” only to be shushed and reassured with another “just relax”.

Frank continues her massage as she becomes increasingly uneasy, with the situation. He helps her completely remove the jacket as she says “I….I don’t know about this…I think…..I think we should…..I think we should get back to work. Frank just resumes the massage and tells her “Work is the reason you’re so tense in the first place, just relax and let me work out the kinks.

Courtney lets out a slight moan as Frank’s hands find their way to the small of her back. He then announces, Girl you have one hell of a knot right here, let me see if I can work it out. Courtney snaps out of her temporary bliss and cries out “no don’t touch that” just as Frank yells “wait a minute what is that”. With as sudden jerk Courtney’s back arches, her chest thrust forward, her eyes widen and she gasp likes she’s been shot.

Needless to say, things get quite out of hand from here on out as Frank seems to be hell bend to turn Courtney into his personal toy.


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