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The misused Nanny I am programmed to fulfill your sexual desires George.

Looks like Mr. George had a nice little deal going there for himself. Nice house, couple of little ones, pretty wife and a nanny with some, let’s say, additional programming. Usually our RS 300 nanny series is strictly programmed to help raise but this one seemed to have been tampered with. I found all this out much later of course. When I first got to the house on a repair call, the wife seemed all nervous and concerned about the nanny who was just sitting there.

Her pretty body was twitching and she seemed to be stuck in a loop, repeating the words malfunction and George over and over. After sending the wife out of the room I decide to shut her down to do some tests. Imagine my surprise when I turn her back on and the first thing she says is: “I am programmed to fulfill your sexual desires George” and it gets even better from there, she thinks that I am George. I got to hand it to this guy; the sex program he had illegally added is certainly state of the art. I just wish he had thought it through a little bit more.

Did I have to go along and let her believe that I was George? Did I have to keep working on her after each malfunction? Did I have to find out what her sex program was all about? Absolutely not, but hey look at her and imagine her dance, strip, twitch, masturbate and more. Well, now you know why and when you watch the clip you will more than understand it. After her last malfunction, my, I mean George’s Sexbots is back up. Again I have to hand it to him, nanny Dakota is the most sexual thing I have seen in a long time.

The way she seductively moves her perfect body is driving me nuts and the way she offers herself could not be more promiscuous. Unfortunately the fun does not last nearly long enough. First things get really hot and steamy but soon everything turns real messy fast. More malfunctions and glitches, the wife had to walk in on us right when my butt naked nanny...


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