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Dillion Carter Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Dillion: Hey what's going on? Is this how you treat all your guest.

 Frank: Do you know why we asked you back here?

 Dillion: Asked!! more like dragged……I demand to see the manager.

 Mr. Demarco takes a very dim view of card-counting in his casino.

 Dillion: Card Counting? that's ridiculous.  Just because a girl wins a few hands, doesn't  make her a cheater.  I'm sure if I lost those hands you would have been all too happy to take my money, but since its the houses turn to pay, now there's a problem.

 Frank: A few hands, Ms.??

 Dillion: Carter

 Frank: Ms. Carter I'd say you won more than a few hands. Why don't you just save us the trouble of searching you and tell us where the device is.

 Dillion: What device, what are you talking about?

 Frank: The device you're using to count cards. I've met allot of card counters in my day, but no one is that good. Its obvious that you're using some sort of computer. So what is it? perhaps a smart phone with a probability app?  All electronic devices are strictly prohibited on the casino floor. Just surrender the device and this time we'll let you off  the hook with just a warning.

Dillion: Look I don't have any device, I just had a lucky streak. Now if you don't mind I would like to cash in my chips and be on my way.

 Frank: No device huh, Well see about that……….

 (Frank Walks over to a table and picks up a wand. Dillion appears visibly concerned by his actions)

 Dillion: Hey what is that?  Get away from me……… have no right to just detain someone without their permission. I assure you that you'll be hearing from my attorney about this

 (Frank Approaches Dillion and begins to wave the Wand up and down her body) 

Frank: What ever you're using it must be small, I don't imagine you could hide a laptop in that dress

(Frank waves the wand and is surprised when the wand flashes consistently indicating strongest electronic signature and completely turns off when he pulls it away from Dillion.

Frank:  What the hell is going on with this thing?

Frank:  Okay lady, why don't you save the trouble of searching you just give me whatever device it is that you're hiding under that dress.

Dillion:   I do know it's wrong with your little gadget thingy, but the only thing under the this dress is me.

Frank: You think you're kidding, you're giving off the strongest electronic signature that I've ever seen.

Dillion:    That's ridiculous, you're just waiting for an excuse to get me and my address pervert. I'm not about to let…. let…let…let… You strip-searched me you little creep.

 Frank: What the hell, could it be, no way, I mean  it's impossible

 Dillion: Impossible? What are you talking about

 (Frank then waves the wand up and down Dillion's bare legs and arms. Again the wand flashes strongly with each wave)

 Dillion:     See I told you that thing was broken, now can I go?

 Frank:  You're not hiding an electronic device, you are an electronic device.

 Frank:  Wow she looks so real, I can't even see any seems. There's got to be an access panel or something.

 (Dillion backs away and seems very uncomfortable with Frank's inspection)

 Dillion:    Get away from me, watch sci-fi channel much? Oh My God this is your big revelation? 1st I am hiding a computer, and now I am a computer? If that's the best that you can come up with, I think I'll be on my way.

(Frank is stumped, as Dillion gathers her things to leave. He's convinced that she is a robot and formulates a plan to prove his theory)

Frank:   Don't forget your chips ma'am.

Dillion:   I didn't plan to. After all I won them fair and square.

Frank grabs the chips and intentionally releases the chips too soon, allowing them to fall to the floor. Dillion gives him a dirty look. As Dillion grabs that the scattered chips Frank grabs a glass of water from his desk and pours it all over Dillion's chest.

 Dillion:       What…….What have you done to me…. warning….. Warning…… I am short-circuiting….This unit… Is short-circuiting… look what you did… what you  did…. I am not designed for water….not designed for water…….I am an electronic device…an electronic device…….I need to be repaired…Error…….Error….Dillion... Unit is shorting out….short...shorting out…


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