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I am not for sale

You always get what you pay for

I know, you always get what you pay for but what is a guy like me to do when it comes to finding a new fembot for, well you know, the night time pleasures and fun times. OK, replacing a girlfriend with a fembot might not be every bodies thing but I like theses beautiful beings that never talk back, do as you say and even pretend to love you for it. Anyway, after telling her my spending limits, she takes me right to the bargain section. Oh god, that was kind of scary, not only were some of them old and outdated but there were some that were actually dangerous (the dominatrix she wanted to sell me was particularly unstable) Some of them had missing parts, program flaws and so on. You will hear all this once you witch the movie.

Needless to say, the only one in the whole who seemed beautiful enough for me to even consider was the quite eager sales lady but she was not for sale, at least not for the kind of money I was willing to spend. First I thought she might even be a real woman but then she started to repeat herself as if I had just walked through the door. Could she have forgotten our conversation already. Things got worse and when she showed me her breast and butt while telling me that I could never afford her. Needless to say, she malfunctions and that is when I see my once in a lifetime opportunity. Felicity is spot on

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