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Mia McKinley Activating soon Free Preview Clip
Where are the missing girls?

Special agent Mia McKinley is looking for a number of missing girls among them, a Supermodel, striper and a few call girls who have all seemed to vanish in the same neighborhood.

Why was she looking for them at my house? I think you all know the answer.

To make matters worse, she finds a reprogramming device on my table which  certainly did not help my case; however, to accidentally hit some of the buttons on the device certainly did not help her case. Things changed quickly and when she started to talk gibberish, I just knew, I had found myself another Play toy to add to my collection. Malfunctions, glitches and more.




Christina Carter Free Preview Clip
You are not an authorized user!

I am usually never late for an appointment, but today is just not my day. Looks like I missed my appointment with Mr. Donahue by ten minutes but luckily his secretary assures me it is not a big deal and that I can come back tomorrow. I have to say, Mr. Donahue seems to be one lucky son of a . Where on earth did he find a beautiful secretary like her? Still baffled by her sensual beauty, I notice that she is plugging a wire into her chest. I can not believe what I am seeing here and when she tells me, as if it was the most normal thing to say, that she is an android, I can not believe what I am hearing either. It gets even crazier when she states that she was created to perform secretarial duties as well as performing sexual favors for the company’s most important clients.

Now that is the hottest thing, I ever heard a secretary say. The only problem is that I am not on the list: “You, sir, are not an authorized user”! Well let's see about that honey. By the time she sees me coming it is already too late. Her body drops in mid sentence and my little fembot is shut down and ready for “my kind” of programming. What a difference, I am all of a sudden on her list of authorized users, her legs spread far apart and she is ready to play. Malfunctions, repairs, glitches and very promiscuous, seductive and horny fembot…

Vika HD Clip Two  


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