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Jen Capone Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

"Jen unit will comply". "Human emulation chip activated". "Initiating sexual subroutines now".

 Hi I'm Jen, I have been reconfigured as a Pleasurebot. I am designed and programmed to fulfill your every sexual desire.

 Thank you for reprogramming me master… You may command me now.

Jen: I guess I'm just a little nervous, I'll still be me won't I? Frank: Once the procedure is complete, all of your memories, experiences and brainwave patterns will be transferred directly into the android body that we've prepared. Your consciousness will exist within the mechanical construct, so in regards to your question, you'll still be you. Jen looks over to see a body beneath a sheet next to her, she then lays back and closes her eyes as she braces for the device to transfer her consciousness into her new robot body.

 Jen wakes up after the surgery and begins to sate: "Initiating program Jen one... loading, loading…Hi! I'm Jen".  Suddenly Jen's expression changes to one of serious concern...What might have happened? Did Dr. Frank Goldbaum not only transfer but also change her personality and would that explain why she reluctantly feels like a sex object? Can she trust the doc or will he play with her and turn her into his sex slave?! Surprise ending.


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