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Wanted Dead or alive

Police android, Jen is used like a bait car to prevent robot theft.

Frank takes the bait and steals the sexy android. She pretends to be upset and demands to be returned to her owner.

When Frank tells her that she will be his new pleasure bot, She insist that only her owner may use her in that way. So Frank proceeds to delete all references to her former user and imprint himself as her new owner. She puts up a fake fight, knowing that her system restore will kick in a few seconds later. She plays the role of a ditzy-doll-like pleasure-bot and seduces Frank into bed. When she begins to malfunction, she decides its time to end their fun and arrest Frank.

She positions herself on top of Frank and tightens her aperture to apprehend and hold him until her back up arrives. But something has gone wrong with her system she can't disengage her sex drive and she continues to have sex until her circuits overload

Frank: This one should fetch a pretty penny. Damn these XR units are so stupid, they never see it coming. Let's activate her

Jen: Hey where am? Who are You?

Frank: I'm your new owner Jen. Jen: I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. I belong to Gregg. Please return me so that I may please him.

Frank: You will stay here and please me instead.

Jen: That is impossible, I am not programmed for you…..Only Gregg may touch me……..He is my owner.

Frank: Then I guess you'll have to be reprogrammed:

Jen: I am sorry, but you are not authorized to alter my programming. Please return me to Gregg, I am programmed to please him only.

Frank: It is OK I gave myself permission

Jen: Please stop that, you are not authorized……….Please stop…are not authorize. not authorized…….error…….error……..illegal access. Only Gregg may touch me….Only…Only….may touch me……..touch me…..touch me..I'm your Funtime Dolly I like to be touched…..Wait…something's not right………..I'm not supposed to…not supposed to…Only Gregg may……User Gregg Sulskey deleted………..New user Frank Anderson recognized………..HI I'm Jen, I'm your Fun-time Dolly would you like to play with me.

Frank: Sure Jen, lets play

Jen: I am programmed to please, How would you like me to please you.

Frank: Why don't you start by showing me your body.

Jen: Oh yes that is a fun game. I will show you my body. I am designed to be the perfect female form. Jen: Do you find my form appealing? Do you want to play with me? I know lots of fun games to play.

Sure our sexy droid is fun, until she remembers what she actually came here for!


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