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I am user friendly

Please come in take a seat.

Thank you, I will have a seat

Michelle begins walking over to the chair in an obviously mechanical manner. Her posture is excessively rigid, her arms are stiffly at her side, swaying slightly back and forth.

Frank: Hi I'm Frank, I'm the human resources director

Michelle: Hello Frank, I am Michelle, I am a human female.

Frank: Uhm yes I can see that. I'm looking at your application, but I don't see a last name listed.

Michelle: A last name? Michelle is the last that I was given.

Frank: I mean your sir name.

Michelle: My Sir Name? Sir is masculine, I am a female, I am a human female. I don't have a "sir name"

Frank: OK then, no sir name. That's little unusual, but not unheard of these days. I noticed that you left the social security box blank. Are you a legal US Citizen?

Michelle: I don't know what that is….I am a human female…..I can perform many tasks, what would you like me to do?

Frank: We'll get to that in a minute. So you don't have a number?

Michelle: Oh a number:). Of course I have a number silly. My numeric designation
is: 1 4 5 0 9 6 2 5

Frank: OH great, you do have a social security number.

Michelle: Oh no sir……I have a serial number.

Frank: A serial number. A serial number for what? Look, I need your social security number…..I'm sorry but It's the Law

Michelle: Oh my…I don't think I have one those……..but I assure you I am quite capable of functioning without one:) I am a human female I am able to perform many task. My capabilities include: typing, dictation, file management, procurement, technical support, accounting, sexual intercourse, auditing, sales, programming, and numerous other functions.

Frank: Did you really just list sex as a job skill?

Michelle: Yes of course if that is that is what you desire? I am fully functional.

Frank: What do you mean fully functional?

Michelle: I can perform any task that a human female can perform. That is because I am a human female.

Frank: What's the deal with whole human female thing? You've said it like six times already. I get it, you're a girl, If you think a pretty face and a short skirt are going to make me overlook the fact that you lack proper documentation, you have another thing coming. I'm afraid we just can't use you.

Michelle: Of course you may use me…..I am very user -friendly:) You may use me anyway you like I am fully functional.

Needless to say, her offer that she may and can be used, makes our Human recourses manager more than interested in spending more time with her and to find out how much she can be used. Malfunctions, glitches, repairs and lot's of hot action!


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