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Please tell me it is not me

I will never find a husband that way

This week’s fembot story is about a beautiful young Fembot who believes to see her psychiatrist/counselor because of the weird mechanical noises she keeps hearing whenever she starts to feel aroused and or when she moves her body in certain ways. Of course the poor thing has no idea about the fact that she is a fembot and that those noises are simply mechanical parts/gears in her body which seem to be ill maintained.

Well, the psychiatrist she believes to have visited is really the CEO of Cyber Corp, one of the largest Robot manufactures in the country, and believe it or not, he does have the best of intentions to help her (at first) despite the fact that he has not actually worked on one of those high tech units, given the fact that he is now the CEO. You can not really blame the guy for not having the same high caliber computers he uses at work in his home but I think he might have been better of not touching her but then again, the flesh is weak.

 Doctor please help me, I want a man to own me. Hot strip dance, lots of glitches, malfunctions, silly repetitions and ditzy smiles and believe me, Riley is amazing in this one. Suggested by a long time supporter and viewer.


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