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Nail polish remover and Fembots don't mix

I have been making cheap ass porn movies for years but now they want me to direct androids to play the part of the female performers and that my friend sucks. I mean, I understand that it is probably cheaper to use androids as they don't need breaks, food and so on but come on, most of them don't even look all that real. Luckily though, they hired this beautiful makeup artist to make these things (for a lack of a better word) look real and lifelike.

Needless to say, the second I saw her bend over one of those things, I was in lust. What a body on her man. Anyway, I just had to offer her a part in the movie but that, as it turned out, was not one of my better ideas. The poor thing got so flustered and nervous that she accidentally spilled nail polish remover all over her chest and that was when the trouble began. Not only did I have to find out that she was a fembot herself but also that she was absolutely not designed to withstand fluids.

Yes, I did try to repair her but when she started to give the brush a blowjob and masturbate with the same brush as if it was a vibrator, I was close to giving up on her. Of course other things went wrong, like her motor skills seemed off as she seemed to pick up the stuff she dropped a minute ago. Suddenly there was hope and I got so turned on by her dance and masturbation that I almost forgot what she really was. I think by the time smoke came out of her mouth and body, even I had no other option than to....

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