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I am too work oriented for..

Violet begins a job interview for an administrative assistant position and is really scoring points with her knowledge of software, typing skills and her bubbly personality. She is asked about whether or not she has , a husband, and about her hobbies. She replies respectively “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for .” “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for marriage” “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for hobbies.” Each response is repeated in an overly pleasant matter of fact tone with a cock of her head and comes off a bit strange.

Frank her interviewer states that the last page of Violet's emailed resume failed to print due to a paper jam and politely ask her if she has a copy with her. She is quick to oblige. She sets her purse on his desk, reaches in and produces a piece of paper. Violet reaches across the table/desk to hand the paper to her interviewer, He reaches out to receive it, and his hand accidentally brushes against the Violet’s purse sitting on the desk, tipping it, while spilling its contents on to the desk. Frank is embarrassed and apologetic. He quickly stands to help gather the contents, as she nervously tries to brush away his hand insisting that it’s Ok and that she can take care of the mess herself.

As she scoops up her billfold, cell phone and an array of cosmetics, He reaches out and picks up a device that appears to be some type of remote control.

She cries out “Don’t’ touch that” but then becomes aware of her inappropriate tone and politely says” I’m sorry, may I please have that, it is very fragile.” Surprised by her over reaction, he inspects the device further and ask “what is it?” She responds “uhm, its, it’s the universal remote for my home theatre system. I was just taking it to the electronic store to have it fixed” The interviewer starts to fiddle with device and insist that he has a knack when it comes to electronics and offers to take a look. She seems very nervous and asserts that it won’t be necessary, but he continues reassuring her that he knows what he’s doing. She nervously concedes watching him intently as if he’s diffusing a bomb.

He begins to arbitrarily press buttons, to see if any are sticking. As he starts, she begins to protest “That really isn’t nec…nec…necessary its under warranty” he is barely listening to her and is focused completely on the device. He presses another button and the Violet’ body jerks as she lets out a high pitched gasp. Her eyes are as wide as saucers and she appears to be in real distress, but he simply responds “excuse me I didn’t catch that” eyes still fixed on the device. Violet jerks and twitches as he fumbles and jabs at the remote unaware of the damage being done. In an almost trance like state she pleas “please stop, you are damaging me” Still barely paying attention he continues to punch away at buttons and reassures her “I won’t damage it, my old man’s an electrician and taught me everything he knows. The light is coming on so it’s doing something.” He presses another button and She suddenly rises and....

Needless to say, this story gets even more twisted and hooooot as she is used and abused by her new...


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