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He is mine!

This week's robot segment is about a beautiful young and quite jealous wife, who has been following her husband for a while now to find out where he spends his afternoons. Finally she seems ready to confront her husband's young girlfriend who, of course, denies having anything to do with a guy named Frank, after all, her owners name is Mark. Needless to say, the jealous wife does not believe a word of what she hears as she keeps pressuring the poor girl. Things get really weird when the unsuspecting husband arrives right on time, for afternoon delight. Imagine his surprise when he finds his wife right next to his already malfunctioning fembot girlfriend. Trying to talk his way out of this one does not work what so ever but besides all that, there is no way he can afford losing his precious girlfriend over a minor detail like this. To make a long story short, the wife turns out to be an (older model) fembot herself and now her really has his hands full trying to repair the two (or have them repair each other) while trying to make his dream of a threesome come true.


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