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Romeo and Juliette

This week's robot story is about an aspiring young actress who seems to have lost her touch, so to speak. First I thought that being the lead actress in our Romeo and Juliette play might have been a bit too much and or stressful for a young girl like her. I mean, why else would she all of a sudden recite her lines without any feeling and or emotions. Well, I should find out soon enough. At the time I saw no other way than to invite her to my house over the weekend to rehearse her roll with her and to maybe get her back on track.

It was horrible, she read her lines as if she was reading her grocery list and what made it even worse was the fact that she did not even seem to notice what she was doing and how awful her acting had become. Well, as mentioned, it dawned on me when she started to drop things, gave me those ditzy smiles as if nothing had happened and eventually started to jerk, that she was one of those new Fembots who seem to be take over the world. To make a long story short, she eventually malfunctioned and at that point, I kind of forgot myself. I know, reprogramming her to become my personal web cam girl was not my most ethical idea but as we all know, the flesh is weak.

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