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The Switch

I had a feeling that something was not quite right when she called me that day to sell her husband's old 3000 series homemaker-bot but what happened when I showed up at her house to take a closer look at what she wanted to sell me, stunned even me. Turned out that the lady of the house was not what she pretended to be and her 3000 series fembot was infect a brand new 6000 series pleasure bot. I know it sounds confusing and it is. See, by the time I got there, her old 3000 series bot had somehow managed to change clothes with her in order to trick me into believing that... This is how it all began

Carmen is a beautiful, but outdated robot. Her owner Mark Patterson has recently married Isabella, a beautiful brunette with a bit of a jealous streak. Isabella is less than thrilled about Mark keeping Carmen around, especially after learning that she is actually a Pleasure-bot that has simply been reconfigured to function as a domestic service robot.

Isabella decides it's time to dispose of the competition, and talks Mark into trading Carmen in on a Newer robot, one that was specifically designed for housework and running errands as opposed to another Pleasure-bot. She looks through the online catalogue of a nearby robot dealership and inquires if they have a Tracy 6000 service-droid in stock. She then announces that she would like to trade in a Carmen 3000 Pleasure-bot.

She decides to take matters into her own hand and to call the robot dealership

Isabella: Yes she is fully functional………She has had several major upgrades, including expanded memory, the latest human emulation software. Yes she is fully functional, however her sexual programming in currently disabled.


Because Mr. Douglas is a married man now, and as his wife I don't want that little windup slut flirting with my Mark. If you ask me the whole robot sex thing is kind of gross. OK if that's what it takes to get her out of here, I'll reset her System preferences to their default settings. She has a few glitches, I think her new operating system uses too much memory, does that effect the value much. …….Really I didn't think about that, I guess spare parts for older models would be hard to find, take whatever you need just be sure to haul her off before my husband gets home, he'd lose it if he found out his beloved Carmen had been dismantled for parts.

Carmen is eaves-dropping in the next room and is horrified to learn that not only is she being sold, but that she may even be dismantled for her parts. When Isabella calls her over she tries to resist, but Mark has programmed her to obey Isabella's commands. Isabella: Carmen Can you do me a favor and come in here

Carmen: Affirmative

Isabella: Carmen I have good news, you're going to be getting a new owner, It's much too crowded here with the three of us don't you think?

Carmen: but, I don't take up much space…..If I'm in the way, I can easily be stored in a closet……I like it here

Isabella: You like it here? What would you know about "like?"……Your just a machine silly….Can you do me a favor and take off your uniform we need to get you ready

Carmen: Affirmative……Where's Mark? I need to talk to Mark……He would not want me to leave…he bought me…….I am programmed to serve him……………If I leave how will I serve him?

Isabella: Don't worry silly, you're going to be reprogrammed….if you're lucky (mumbles under her breath)

Carmen: but, I don't want to be reprogrammed

Somehow, Isabella manages to open Carmen's rear access panel and sure enough, she rips out some of the wiring, which does more damage than she anticipated. Carmen seems to remember some of her old programming and tries to pleasure her new owner (so she believes)

After Isabella has called me, I decided to go and check out the "old 3000" series, she was trying to sell me. What I found when I got there was pretty much a mess but a mess very well worth checking out.

Suggested and written by one of our viewers. Great dialog, robot speech and moves, hot and sexy.


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