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He tells me things after sex

It is just water honey

Frank, who is as usual working through lunch to catch up on his work, is surprised when his bosses beautiful daughter, Charlotte, comes running into her dad's office. She seems very nervous and concerned about something but she is not ready to tell anybody, except her Dad, what had happened to her earlier today. Frank does not really understand why she is not as friendly and personable like she used to be a couple of years ago when she went through her internship here at the office. Needless to say, he, just like all the other male employees, had a crush on her, which is probably why he tried so hard to find out what was wrong with her. Charlotte keeps asking where her Dad is and she seems almost frantic when Frank mentions that he is dining and wining customers in some fancy restaurant. Oh no, I need to talk to him right away. Frank suggest to call him and that is when he finds out what had happened.

Turns out that some girl named Katie had accused her of stealing her boyfriend Brian and to make her point, the bitch had dumped her drink down Charlottes blouse. Well, that is certainly not nice but is it really worth driving all the way to your dad's office to tell him about a little water down your blouse, Frank can't help but wonder. Things get even more confusing when she starts talking about malfunctioning right in front of him. Finally he puts it all together. Charlotte, his secrete love, is nothing more than a robot who had been programmed to hook up with this Brian guy, to get some information regarding a secret project, out of him. Too much to describe it all, lot's of malfunctions, robotic speech, some effects and certainly Frank's best day at the office ever.


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