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This week's robot story is about a beautiful fembot bride who slowly starts to malfunction right before the wedding. Needless to say, she tries to hide her dilemma from everybody in the wedding party and in particular from her future husband and his mother. Well, that is when I come in. I am still not sure why she thought they I was the only person who could help her but, she did and there I was, caught between a rock and a hard place. Being the grooms younger brother and all, I did not see any other way than to at least give it a shot, after all, there was no way that I would let our mom find out that her oldest son was marring an android.

 know, what's the big deal, you might say but she is from a different generation and I am sure she would not have approved. Did I have any idea that she was an android? Absolutely not but, I have to say, it did explain why my "not so good looking" older brother was getting married to a beautiful girl half his age. Anyway, thing seemed to go well until she suddenly got it all confused. I guess she got her programs mixed up when she suddenly thought that I am my brother and, well, things went south from there.

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