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Iíll do anything just donít tell

Please, please do not tell the coach, I cannot be shut down, I am....

Claire a beautiful young cheerleader is alone, practicing her new cheerleader routine. All is going well until she attempts a new move - She is hesitant to try the move without her teammate Frank to spot her, but he is late as usual. She is heard talking to herself ďI need to practice my routine, I wish Frank would get his butt here and spot me. The games tomorrow and I really need to practice if Iím going to be perfect. I canít wait around all day.

She continues to practice by herself and that is when it happens. All of a sudden, her leg gives in and she lands on her knee. Oh, not now, she screams but it is already too late. We will never know what exactly happened but her system seems to be corrupted and despite her attempts to fix herself, she starts to malfunction.

Finally her teammate Frank shows up. Imagine his surprise when he slowly finds out that his (secret) dream girl is a fembot who seems incapable of human emotions. There is one fear though, she seems to have. What will happen if the coach finds out that she has failed? Will she be shut down and turned into scrap metal? Ridden by fear she promises Frank to do anything he wants as long as he does not tell anybody about this. Did you really mean ANYTHING, Honey?


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