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Diana Knight Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
It makes men wild!

Cyber Dream, the new perfume made with real human Pheromones...

fresh, intense and enveloping just like the fragrance, dedicated to a cutting edge, confident and seductive woman and so why we chose  Diana as our super model - her job was easy ...look beautiful and sexy and read off the lines which the perfume manufacturer had prepared for her.

She begins reading the lines like a pro: "Human Euphoria blends real human pheromones with essential oils to create a scent that drives men crazy! Try it for yourself – you’ll notice more men look at you, smile at you, talk to you… and you call the shots on where it goes from there. It’s an amazing confidence-builder!  You’ve never felt sexier!  

We are almost done and all  Diana has to do now is to end the commercial with a beautiful sexy smile as she sprays and takes a breath of the perfume and says: Order Human Euphoria Perfume Today

Surprisingly, instead of her sexy smile, her eyes begin to bug out and she begins to make strange faces every time she has to spray and breathe in the  perfume which is why we had to re-shoot the scenes. She starts to repeat herself, her body becomes rigid and she starts to twitch! Finally it dawned on me that I had a Fembot as a super model on my hands....Under normal circumstances,  I would have called it quits right then and there but the shoot was just too expensive and important for my career.

My repair attempts made things even more complicated and difficult! Now our Fembot model wanted to seduce me and have sex with me! Don't get me wrong, under different circumstances I would have loved to but, the shoot was just too crucial and lucrative to jeopardize.

Lots of back and forth, surprise ending and great malfunctions. Diana is very hot and seductive in this one and definitely even better than the first time around.


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