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Fuck me while I am hot!

Dre, my beautiful date actually agreed to come home with me. I know it might not sound like a big deal but to me it was, after all most of my dates have no interest what so ever to come home with me, particularly not after the first date. Well the story below was suggested by one of our most loyal and helpful viewers and we did try to get as close to his suggestion as possible. Some of the dialog might be slightly different but as I mentioned, we tried to stay as close as possible to the storyline.

Dre is sensational and believe me you can feel that she really enjoys herself in this one.

Frank Wait, there’s something I have to tell you. I'm, I’m not a real girl, I'm synthetic, an artificial human. Sure you are and I'm Darth Vader, Dre I'm a robot, I only look like a real girl. I was designed to appear and function as a human female. Frank: Wow you take your role-playing seriously!

Dre: But I'm telling you the truth.
I'm an experimental android prototype. I hit on you at the bar because your friend told me that you repair robots for a living and there’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Frank: Like you said I fix robots for a living, and I happen to know that they're’ big bulky things they use to spot weld car seats or cut sheet metal. Dre unbuttons a button halfway down her sweater and separates the fabric to reveal exposed wires and blinking lights. Frank: Whoa, Holy Crap, you are a robot, I can’t believe it you seem so real. Dre: I was designed that way. I am one of 10 infiltration units programmed to blend in with the human population part of a government experiment. My existence is highly classified. Frank Then why are you telling me?

Dre: Like I said, there’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Frank: Try What? Dre My friend Cindy is android like me. Last week she was damaged in a car accident and had to be taken in for repair. While she was malfunctioning on the table, the repair technician took advantage of her. Frank :That’s messed up!

Dre: He was fired after the incident, but Cindy told me that Malfunction during sex was the most sensual feeling that she has ever experienced I just have to experience it for my self. Don’t you see your perfect, your cute and you can fix robots. You mean you want me to …you know….while your short circuiting ?

Dre: Well Yah, Don’t you want to? Don’t like my body. I was designed and programmed to please a man. Oh come on , it’ll be fun…….I promise. Dre flashes a flirtatious smile, reaches over her body with her right hand and begins to fondle her left breast. Frank: I don't know, it still seems pretty risky. I've never worked on anything as advanced as you. What if I can’t fix you afterwards? Dre Most of my components are pretty basic; We’ll just be careful to avoid tampering with anything too vital. Frank: Are You Sure you want to do this? Dre: It's okay, just remember what we talked about. Touch only secondary circuits and nonessential wiring. We just need to be careful to stay away from vital components like my motherboard and my CPU.

Dre: Alright here goes nothing!

Dre reaches into her sweater and grabs a small bundle of wires. Take several deep breaths, trying to find her courage. Eventually she tightens her and yanks with all her might. She lets out indiscernible gasp as her body spasms in her eyes widen from the shock to her system.

Error…Error……..Auxiliary relays damaged, signal interrupted, unable to reroute. Please initiate repair……… Whoa… I feel pretty strange.... Pretty strange……. Oh ! I think I…. Think I…. Accidentally….. Pulled the wrong wire…….. The wrong wire……… The wrong wire…….. wire. The wrong wire……. The wrong...

Frank: Do You want to stop? Should I repair the damage? Dre: Negative, Negative, Please fuck me I am designed to be fucked.!

Her hands are exploring her body as her mind returns. Dre: Don't you just love my breast? Touch my body I feel like real girl, but I'm totally synthetic…….Totally synthetic………. Synthetic.

Dre: Do with me what you will, I’m just a machine, I’m just a machine, a machine……..

Some what concerned by Dre’s odd behavior Frank pauses a moment. Frank: Are you ok? Dre: Don't stop! Penetrate me, faster, faster….. Overload my circuits….. I want you to make me short-circuit…. To short-circuit…….. to short-circuit.  

Dre's eyes open so wide that they appear as if they might pop out of her head. Her expression transitions back and forth between a ditzy smile, pure ecstasy, and occasional moments of shock and concern. Frank decides to escalate things a bit, reaching underneath Dre’s back and Yanking free of large bundle of wires. She spasms uncontrollably for a moment, then her head against a jerk to the left and back repeatedly as she cries out warning and error messages.

Dre: Malfunction… Malfunction……Dre unit damaged ….Oh my God what did you do to me…… do to me….? Don’t stop……. Faster ….Faster…… Oh God that feels incredible….I’m starting to short circuit…….to short circuit……… short circuit. Fuck me harder………overload my circuits……overload my circuits…I’m designed to be fucked. Short me out baby…..Short ….short me out. As Dre jerks and writhes she begins to feverishly pull wires and boards from her body indiscriminately.

She reaches down with both hands peering to fumble for a moment before jerking free and large circuit board.

Frank: Holy crap, I'm pretty damn sure that was a vital component. Dre: Shut up and Fuck me, Fuck me baby, Overload my processors.

Frank: I think we better think a bout stopping and making some repairs.

Dre: Fuck me now fix me later…….I want to short circuit...with you inside of me….Its hap…hap….happening. Oh God Cindy was right its incredible….I’m going to O…to ..O…..O….overload……..Overload…..Oh..Oh no ….Oh no!..........Fatal Error in Dre……. fix meeeeeee. Dre Cries out in ecstasy and collapses.

Frank: I knew this was a bad idea, I’m going to have program some common sense  once I get you repaired.


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