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The vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning

Running the night cleaning crew of a down town office building is certainly not an easy job, particularly when the crew mainly consists of "cleaning ladies". Well, I guess you all know what I mean. Being the night manger and all, it is my job to keep everybody on schedule which why I decided to check in on Dre, who always was one of my favorite cleaning ladies. For some reason, she seemed off schedule that night, which was very unusual. The second I saw her, I had a feeling that something was not quite right with her.

Sure enough, she kept talking about a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner, which I thought was odd. Things got even more bizarre when she used the all purpose cleaner on the carpet which was so not her. I cannot get into all the details here but something happened when she tried to start the dam vacuum cleaner. I am not sure whether she got zapped or what but things got really weird. Malfunctions, reprogramming, some masturbation, robot moves and more. Dre is absolutely amazing in this one.



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