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Specialized scent for synthetic skin only

It makes men go wild

Finally I got the opportunity to film a commercial for a very big perfume manufacturer who specializes in perfume for, believe it or not, Fembots! Needless to say, it has to be a special perfume; otherwise it might damage the beautiful yet synthetic skin of these supposedly indestructible fembot creations. Well, as mentioned, I was ecstatic and when the absolutely beautiful model told me that she was certainly not one of those “things”, I felt even better about the whole thing.

As it turned out, she lied about being human and sure enough, the unimaginable happened. Somehow the perfume must have gotten into her system when she sprayed herself a few times with it and she started to “glitch” stutter and eventually her system was so screwed up that she malfunctioned. I think by the time she kept reaching for the bottle without actually being able to pick it up, it became, despite her denial, crystal clear to me that I had a malfunctioning fembot on my hands. Things got even crazier when she, after my attempt to fix her, turned into a somewhat oversexed stripper which, believe me, was something I really was not prepared to deal with.

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