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It is not so bad

Frank comes home to his new wife JC and her friend POCAHONTAS making out on the couch. The two ladies are startled and immediately cease, their sexual escapade. JC quickly tries to conceal her actions by pretending to help POCAHONTAS remove a stray eyelash from the corner of her eye. The husband is a bit suspicious, but doesn’t press the issue.

The girls claim that they were just about to watch a DVD, and ask him if he’s seen the DVD player remote. He looks around a sees a remote lying on a chair next to Pocahontas's purse and jacket. he announces “Oh here it is” and tosses the remote across the room as both girls scream out “no wait!” It is a poor toss and as both girls spring to their feet in attempt to make the catch, but are unable to prevent the remote from hitting the ground. POCAHONTAS jumps as her eyes bug out like she’s just been goosed. Her head cocks to the left as her arms stiffen for a moment and then fall limply to her sides. Her legs are quite stiff and she seems to wobble or even teeter back and forth and side to side, while she staring off into space. She eventually begins to stiffly fall backward, but is caught by JC who eases her stiff friend back onto the couch into a very unnatural pose.

JC begins with some nervous laughter and speaks to POCAHONTAS for her husband's benefit “Oh POCAHONTAS, you are such a kidder, be serious” JC then confident her friend is securely positioned on the couch, drops to the floor and seems to frantically replace the dislodged batteries in the busted remote. She continues to smile and ask her husband if he can be a dear and get her a cup of coffee. He is confused by what he just saw but is gracious enough to grant her request. While he is in the kitchen, she aims the remote at her friend and presses the reboot button several times, knocking the remote with her hand to jar it back to life. The low-tech repair attempt seems to pay off. Pocahontas's body jerks a few times followed by her eyes fluttering. She sits up and POCAHONTAS shakes her head a few times as if she were dizzy, trying to shake out the cobwebs. She ask JC “What…what…What happened? I am detecting multiple system errors. Has my identity been compromised?” JC assures her “No not yet, but it was a close call. Are you OK?” POCAHONTAS responds “I think so, I seem to be functioning within design parameters.” JC scolds her “Stop talking like that, remember you’re supposed to be human.” POCAHONTAS agrees “Yes off course, Human emulation mode engaged.”

The husband walks in with two coffees and ask “who’s engaged” JC quickly replies Oh Pocahontas's boyfriend popped the question yesterday.” Frank congratulates her and hands the coffees to the lovely girls. JC thanks Frank, pretends to take a sip and sets the coffee down saying “ I better let that cool a bit”. Frank responds “really I had some and mine didn’t seem that hot.” POCAHONTAS takes a big gulp as JC yells out “POCAHONTAS don’t”. POCAHONTAS lowers her mug, as her body jerks. With a sickeningly sweet smile and voice she announces “see it’s not so bad….it's not so bad” and with that she takes another drink. JC cries out “POCAHONTAS stop”, but even as she says it she knows it’s too late for her friend. Pocahontas's eyes widen as her body jerks yet again.

She instructs JC, “don’t be such a worry wart………'s not so bad…..not so bad.” And with that POCAHONTAS begins to mechanically walk about the room, periodically stopping to cock her head and state “its not so bad….so bad……act human…so bad”. She continues until bumping in JC, which causes her to dump her remaining coffee, right down JC’s blouse. JC looks down at her chest and cries out “Oh no” . POCAHONTAS is still yammering on “ it's not so bad…act human…act human….

I’m engaged. I'm engaged,” POCAHONTAS reaches behind POCAHONTAS, flipping a switch that cuts her off mid sentence. She then cries to her Husband “Frank get me towel quick” He ask “what the hell is going on, but she just responds by yelling “A towel! I need a towel now” He comes back with a towel and hands it to her and is concerned by the look of worry on his wife’s face” She grabs the towel from him and frantically pats the towel down her soaked blouse. She state’s my shirts soaked, I have to get it off.

She all but rips her top off and continues to dry herself as best she can with the towel. When she is convince she is dry she looks at her husband and says “I think, I think I’m Ok, I think I got it in time” Frank responds “Got what in time, what are you talking about” She replies “oh nothing I was just afraid the coffee would ruin my new bra”

Frank asks “what is going on, did you know that POCAHONTAS was a Robot?” JC replies “of course not, I’ve only known her a couple of months, she seemed pretty normal to me” Frank ask her “Why did you scream stop when she drank the coffee”? JC relies “I…I was afraid she would get burnt, it was much too hot” Frank informs JC'S “I’m not an expert, but I know a little bit about these things, let's see what we can do for her and maybe find out where she came from”

JC throws the towel over the back of a chair and positions herself behind her frozen friend and un-tucks Pocahontas's blouse. She reaches under Pocahontas's shirt and removes her back panel as instructed by her husband. He tells her to look for any wires or chips that appear to be burnt or discolored. She removes the damaged components and ask him for further instructions.


He searches through Pocahontas's purse and finds replacements for the damaged components and has JC install most of the replacements. He tells her that some of the repairs must be done while POCAHONTAS is activated to be sure that they are made correctly...

JC flips Pocahontas's power switch and she springs back to life and announces “Human emulation mode activated”. She can feel JC making adjustments to her system and is immediately concerned. Her legs seem to be frozen in place and she twist and turns her head and body in a futile attempt to see what going on behind her. She inquires in an urgent tone “JC, What are you doing to me?….. Stop it before Frank sees us.” JC ignores her and uses a screwdriver to tighten something in her back. “POCAHONAST’s eyes cross and she begins to shutter and twitch” Some...Some...Something's wrong…error…error” JC stops and POCAHONTAS regains her composure “What did you do?….Stop tampering with my circuits before you break me” JC tells her to calm down and informs her that she’s almost done. POCAHONTAS demands “Done doing what…..You are not authorize to tamper with my…with my…mycircuits...circuits...circuits…’re go going make me...malfunction…malfunction….stop it ---you are damaging me.” JC continues . She twist one dial that makes Pocahontas's arms rise above her head, and another that causes her head to turn left and then right. Another twist causes her to bend slightly at the waist and another cause her to stand erect once again. She then seems to flip a switch upward causing Pocahontas's legs to separate, widening her stance. She then flips it back down and Pocahontas's legs close together. She returns POCAHONTAS back to the widen stance and begins to press a series of buttons. POCAHONTAS twitches with each act and protest “you don’t know what you’re…what you’re..doing..doing….please stop…stop…error...error……….Why are you doing this to me…to me…You’re going to make me malfunction… …malfunction… Suddenly Pocahontas's body jerks to attention, and she states “new hardware detected….hardware found……System restore initiated. She close eyes as her head falls forward, with her chin resting on her chest. She comes back on line as her head pops up, eyes open wide with a smile from ear to ear. JC closes the panel and POCAHONTAS turns to her to plant a big kiss on her before she has a chance respond. JC pushes her off and staggers back a bit, visibly shaken. She points in Frank's direction and POCAHONTAS looks back and laughs nervously. She says “oh hi Frank, I thought JC had something in her eye….her eye…had something in her eye” Suddenly JC clutches her chest with both hands, as her head drops down to stare at he own cleavage. Her head pops back up with a jerk as her arms jerk upward lifting her breast.

She looks at Frank for second as if to ask for help, but then her gaze falls on the towel thrown over the back of chair. She stiffly staggers to the chair and grabs the towel. She again wipes her chest, and states “Oh no! …my bra….it is wet...wet…wet….I’m not supposed to get wet….not supposed to” Her movements are getting jerkier and less fluid. She struggles to remove her bra but just manages to free her breast. She raises the towel to her chest and completes only a few swipes before freezing in place. POCAHONTAS walks to her and takes the towel, from her hand and announces “ I’ll help you with that sweetie” Using both hands, she begins to pat and wipe JC’s chest. JC snaps out of her trance and looks down at her chest, she looks back up at POCAHONTAS and grabs her hands, causing her to drop the towel. She then releases Pocahontas's hands and throws her arms around Pocahontas's neck. JC states “Seduction Program activated” and leans in for a passionate kiss” POCAHONTAS seems to resist a bit, trying to talk mid kiss. She breaks free and tells JC that Frank is watching” Frank tells the two of them not to stop on his account. They both stop and turn to him and simultaneously say “join us…..Were designed to fucked……Were programmed for pleasure” Frank is a more than a little aroused, but he is little bit worried about screwing two malfunctioning robots and tells them to start without him. The two girls drop to their knees and continue to make out, JC’s twitching is getting worse, POCAHONTAS opens her back panel to try and help her. Frank yell’s I wouldn’t do that Pocahontas's” She ask “why” as she sticks her hand in JC’s back. POCAHONTAS lets a high pitched “oh” as she gets a major electrical shock from her malfunctioning girlfriend. JC falls on to her back and twitches as she yells, “I’m not supposed to get wet……not supposed to get get wet……wet….wet……its much too hot…….I’m designed to be fucked…….designed to be fucked……….I’m……going
to….overload…overload… me Frank….help me……me fuck me, Frank…..fuck me

POCAHONTAS is silent, with eyes wide open with mouth gaping. Her hands jerkily explore her breast and midsection. She finally speaks with obvious difficulty “power surge detected, damage to processors……It isn’t so bad…isn’t so bad… bad……..I programmed for pleasure… for pleasure….Kiss me Frank…..I want to…to please you …please you…it is, is isn’t isn’t that bad...that bad...that bad....


POCAHONTAS collapses next to her friend twitching slightly as her eyes dart side to and lips move unable to produce a sound.






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