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Why am I not OK?

I knew right away, when she came to the store, that she was lying about wanting to upgrade her old desk top with some of the parts she was looking for but I played along. The parts she was looking for were for an outlawed pleasure bot that had been taken of the market years ago for safety reasons. Well, what can I say, eventually they all come to see me to replace some of the faulty circuits and that is how I make some of my money. I know, selling them an even more screwed up chip and some circuits might not be all that ethical but turning them in after they malfunction, does make good money for somebody like me who cannot be too picky. Anyway, she walks off with her new parts and all I had to do, was to follow her home, wait until she puts it in and then take her in after she malfunctions. I have done it a dozen times but this time things got a little screwed up. I think giving in to her attempts to sway me by offering sex was my first mistake but as we all know, the flesh is weak. Lots of malfunctions, repairs, hot and steamy action, sound effects and, and...


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