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There can only be one

I had a feeling that it might be a tough day but nothing could have prepared me for what actually happened. Having to choose between the two absolutely beautiful finalists who would become our new spokes model, sounded like a nightmare and I had a feeling that there might be blood shed by the end of the day. Naturally, both of our contenders believe to be the right girl for the job and I have to say, the choice was not easy. I think, favoring Loni in front of Jenna might have been my first mistake but who could have known that she would react quite so aggressively. I did not even catch it at first when she stepped closer to Loni to help her fix something that was supposedly wrong with her bikini.

Soon after, Loni seemed as if she had lost her spark, so to speak. Turned out the little had actually severely damaged her opponent without actually realizing what she just did. Needless to say, it did not take me a whole lot longer to figure out that Loni was actually a fembot and that Jenna was either playing dumb or she was one herself. Of course, she denied that part but the way she helped me get Loni back on track made me suspicious. At first, Jenna kept making fun of Loni while she was trying to make me believe that her opponent was taking too many diet pills but as soon as she saw the wires and switches in Loni's rear panel, seemed to spark something in her own mind and thatís when she flipped as well.

Now, I had two broken Fembots and basically no photo shoot on my hands. Well, I figured that I can always find new super models but the chance to program these two into a couple of horny, pussy and cock sucking, promiscuous, bi sexual and willing porn stars only comes once in a lifetime. Was it smart? Very sexual, squirting hard orgasms, sensual girl/girl sex and glitches as well as malfunctions galore...

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