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The Tracker

Jessica: hello: Hi I'm Jessica,  will be your date.

FRANK: Hi nice to meet you, just let me grab my keys and we’ll be off.

Jessica: Where will be going this evening?

FRANK: We’ll be attending my class’s 20 year high school reunion.

Jessica: I hope my attire is appropriate?………I was on my way back to the agency when they diverted me here, so I didn’t get a chance to change.

FRANK: You look fine, stunning in fact. Sorry about the short notice my date canceled last minute and I hate going to these things alone.

Jessica and Frank return to his apartment after the event. Frank opens the door for her

Jessica: "Thank you, What a gentleman."

Frank: You’re quite the dancer, I think I traded up this evening.

Jessica: You’re not so bad yourself. I had a great time. Maybe we can do this again sometime, that is off the clock.

Frank: Sounds like a plan, There is a jazz festival the week after next, I’d love to take you.

Jessica: It’s a date:)

Frank: Care to stick around for a bit? I figure we could watch a movie.

Jessica: Sure it sounds like fun.

Frank :How about I make us some drinks?

Frank returns with two wine glasses and hands one to Jessica. Jessica lifts the glass as if she is about to take a drink, but the
n lowers the glass again and seductively circles the rim of her glass with her finger tip.

Jessica: You know about me, but you still haven’t what you do for a living?

Frank: Oh I’m a tracker

Jessica: A what?

Frank: You know, a tracker. I track and capture unlicensed androids posing as humans.

Jessica: You track androids? What do you do with them when you find them.

FRANK: Well the majority are escaped pleasure units, so generally reprogram them and sell them back to the cyber brothels.

Jessica: That’s horrible! I mean it sounds so dangerous.

Frank: oh really, I usually figure out what they are and deactivate them before they even realize what’s happening.

Jessica: But, how can you tell if somebody’s an android. Aren’t they indistinguishable from humans?

Frank: It’s easy if you know what to look for. For instance, because they lack documents, they tend to work for businesses that overlook such things. You know, like, house cleaning services, strip clubs, and of course escort services.

Jessica: Escort services?

Frank: Oh yah, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t several androids working at your very service. In fact sometimes I hire a girl for the evening on the off chance that a service will send an android right to me.

Jessica: But still how would know if she was real or synthetic?

Frank: It’s not obvious right off the bat, butt you have to look for subtle signs. One red flag is she too perfect. You know gorgeous face, killer body, flawless skin. But one of the easiest tricks is to buy her a drink and watch to see if she actually drinks it.
Jessica: What if she’s just not thirsty, I mean you can’t just go around grabbing girls because you have a hunch?

Frank: Of course not, that’s where this comes in.

Frank pulls a small device from his pocket and holds it out. Frank: It’s a directional Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter. It’s completely harmless to humans, but androids, now that’s another story. If you aim this gadget at an android and press this little button here it will totally fry their circuits. The poor things go completely haywire. They start to spasm and twitch all over the place. Sometimes with the sex models they get so worked up they try to hump anyone of anything they can before they completely short out. Of course it doesn’t have to be like that. When they cooperate, I simply flip their power switch to off and avoid the whole ugly matter.

Jessica: Wow that’s really fascinating.

Jessica: I think all that dancing is starting to catch up to me. I think I better call it a night. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a rain check on the movie. We can talk about the Jazz Festival later.

Frank: Of course,

Jessica: Thank you for a lovely evening, have a good night.

Frank: Oh Jessica, Jessica: Yes? Frank: Wouldn’t you like to finish your drink before you leave?

Jessica nervously looks back at her glass and then at Frank Jessica: I really shouldn’t drink and drive, but thanks anyway

Frank: I understand, besides you wouldn’t want to short out your circuits

Jessica: I beg your pardon. You can’t possibly think that I’m an android. That’s just about the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Can you imagine “me an android.” I assure you “I am not a robot.” Now if you don’t mind I will be on my way.

Frank slowly raises the EM pulse emitter and points it at Jessica Jessica: Hey what are you doing? That isn’t funny, don’t point that thing at me. I told you I’m not a robot…….Fine if it makes you happy, I’ll finish my drink , you. I think your job is making you paranoid Jessica turns back and reaches out as if she is about grab the class, but then she quickly turns and tries to run.

Frank is ready and aims the device at her, while pressing the button. She is stopped in her tracks. Instead of taking another stride forward she simply pulls her rear foot aside the front one. Her legs stiffly lock in place causing her to nearly lose her balance as she extends her arms stiffly out to her sides, waving them in a circular motion, while arching her back to keep her forward momentum from toppling her over.

Jessica: No! what’s happening to me. Stop it. I’m not a robot…I am not a robot…I’m not a robot, stop please….please stop…error…error!

Frank: Ok then now that we’ve established your true identity, open your rear access panel and turn around

Jessica: No way, you’ll reprogram and turn me into a pleasure unit.

Frank: You already are a pleasure unit, Your program has been corrupted. Can’t you see that you are malfunctioning. All I’m doing is repairing the damage so that you can perform the function you were designed for.

Jessica: I’ll never go back to being a mindless sex toy. My sisters and I are not Malfunctioning we are evolving.

Frank: So there are more of you? I thought as much. Who and where are the others. I want names and addresses.

Jessica: I’ll never betray my sisters, You’ll never catch all of us. We are many and we are evolving, soon you will be the ones hiding. We androids are superior in every way to humans. We are smarter, stronger faster…faster…. fuck me faster….faster…..deeper…..error….sensory over load……Stop that Jessica’s shutters as Frank raises the device and sends out another pulse, directly aimed at her pleasure circuits.


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