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Those are assets

Timing is everything in life and as it turned out, mine was off that day. The second I enter my, soon to be EX wives house (technically it is really my house) to pick up my beloved baseball card collection, her bitchy and very uptight divorce lawyer shows up. Who would have thought the two are so close that my ex even gave her a key to the house. I still think that there was something going on between the two but I don't think I can ever proof that. Anyway, besides being uptight and by the books, my wives attorney turned out to be a real stickler.

The second I try to explain to her that my wife is taking all her personal belongings, like her makeup, clothes and so on, she starts to lecture me about my baseball cards being an "asset" and not personal belongings. I guess we all deserve some luck here and there and sure enough, things turned around in a flash. All of a sudden it all made sense, her stuck up behavior, her almost robotic ways of sticking to the facts and so on. To make a long story short, she started to malfunction and that my friends, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.


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