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You cannot fool me Sir!

Katie, the new auditor has discovered  serious inconsistencies with  senior management's expense accounts, Mr. Devonshire.

She demands that he explain how his account could have a balance of $5000! over the last three years nearly $50,000 has been deposited into his  expense account, yet he has  produced receipts for no more than $15,000!! That leaves $30,000 unaccounted for! In addition to substantial number of office equipment from his department that is currently unaccounted for.

To which he replies offhandedly: Receipts get misfiled sometimes, I'm sure if you look around they'll turn up!

She assures him that theft and embezzlement will not be tolerated! If he is unable to produce the proper receipts and locate the missing property, she will have no choice but to refer the matter to her superiors.

Frank continues to bribe Katie,  she  assures him, but slips up and says: that she was not "programmed" to help her coworkers steal from the company, and that she will be report the incident.

As soon as he hears the word: Programmed, he suspects that she might be a Fembot and  insists that she takes a drink of tea he made for her! She refuses his offer and tells him to get away from her... but he pours the tea all over Katie!!

and just like he suspected Katie begins to malfunction...

Frank tries to get her up and running before anyone comes looking for her.  He attempts to  delete her files regarding his financials along with the whole tea incident. 

He walks behind Fembot and searches for an access panel, then he realizes that  with a few programming tweaks she could be a real asset, a mechanical partner in crime...and a great partner in sex too.

Is his programming as good as his bookkeeping skills?!


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