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No Sir, I am not a runaway Robot

I work at the strip club, maybe we can work something out, Sir...

After having been arrested at the train station, our young lady vehemently denies to be the runaway robot everybody is looking for. Of course she cannot fool the investigator who not only has a clear description o her bit also a photo. OK, there are minor differences, like her hair color is different and the Tattoos were certainly drawn onto her perfect silky skin after her disappearance.

Sure enough, the second he searches her purse, he discovers the chip, which is used to retire outdated robots. All of a sudden she admits to having run away to avoid destruction. Poor thing tries every trick in the book, including stripping, dancing and offering her very real looking and feeling young body to the investigator, to get out of her predicament but ultimately a couple of nasty malfunctions, end her dream of freedom.


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