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The Trade in

It seemed like a good idea to check for a new "perfect companion fembot while I was vacationing in the big city. Where I come from, folks have to travel to find one of those new and quite perfect companions. Well, I was not really looking for brand new, which is why I ended up at a place called cyber fun. Needless to say, the sales lady bend over back wards to find the right companion for me, the second I mentioned cash. Unfortunately though, there was not really anything I liked, except one beautiful trade in, which was just sitting there deactivated and all. Just my luck, she was just traded in and not yet checked through by one of the technicians. It took me a while to convince the sales lady to activate her for me anyways so that I could at least take a closer look. Maybe that was not my best idea.

Everything seemed fine until I mentioned shutting her down and shipping her to my place. All of a sudden she remembered having been shut down an traded in for some jealousy issues she had during her "relationship" with her last owner. I mean, the way she seduced the reluctant sales girl and the way she offered her 2000 plus sexual functions to me, was hot but I could have done without the malfunctions. To make matters worse, the sales lady turned out to be an android herself and that is when it got really complicate. Reprogramming her to recognize me as her former owner did not help a bit either.


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