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Figure of speech? Figure of speech... noted and cataloged!

PROF. DANIELS is talking on his cell phone to one of his assistants: Can you believe it? I just lost another 100,000$ of research funding to the old man. Yeah, they are diverting the funding to Matthews’s new project…it's been nicknamed Project X…. I don’t know anything about it. He won’t say a word about what He’s working on…….. He’s giving a seminar in Chicago this week……. I think I’ll put on the ole charm and see if I can pry a secret or two out of that pretty little new assistant of his….

Well, prying the secret out of his sexy young assistant turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. For one, she seemed warned by the good old professor Mathews that something like that might happen, which made her very reluctant to even talk to me.

 What made it even tougher was the fact that she seemed to be a foreigner who did not seem familiar with some of our ways of saying things. I know, I am slow and yes, it took me a bit but eventually I did figure out that she was Professor Mathews new project. You did read this right, he did actually work on her, a brand new and almost perfect android model. As I said, almost perfect. Find out how and why she malfunctioned, improved thanks to my repairs and programming and eventually.... Leena is an absolute natural at this.



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