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Frank is warehouse worker at a home appliance and electronics store.  He shows up to see that his boss has hired a new employee in the form of a cute petite 22year named Niki. 

He introduces himself but is floored when she informs him that will be working with him back in the warehouse.  He is floored to here that this tiny girl supposed to replace Doug a former employee that weighed nearly 270.  He informs  Niki that the job demands that she be able to lift up to 250lbs.  He tells her there must be a mistake that there is no way girl her size should lift a 60'" flat screen.  She informs him "I'm much stronger than I look, I'm very fit"

She isn't getting the hint so he tries to discourage her by pointing to a large heavy box in the center of the room. OK then do me a favor and move that box  against the wall over there.  Niki stiffly grabs the box marches to the wall, then keeping her legs straight bends at the waist lowering the box to the ground. Frank is flabbergasted and yells "how did you do that, that box must weigh over 200lbs"!!!

 Niki replies: "A girl has to stay in shape".  Frank is more than just a little suspicious and has Niki stack over heavy boxes, then he sends her off on a quick errand to pick up lunch. He begins to load a giant box full of books, and says to himself "lets see her lift this one.

 Niki approaches the book-filled box. Again she bends at the waist and grabs the heavy box. She attempts to lift heavy box but this time she is unable to straighten and barely nudges the box. After several failed attempts she widens her stiff-legged stance and bends over at the waist again and manages to lift the box to her chest.

 The weight is too much for her and she staggers on stiff legs stumbling and  begins to cry "Warning Warning…..weight exceeds designs capacity…Warning Warning…Rupture in primary hydraulic line……..Oh no the hydraulic fluid is leaking into my circuits"  She drops the box and stumble. She cries out……"help me… me………  I am malfunctioning…..fluid in circuits….I'm going to short out……………error…….too heavy……..not designed for heavy………error…..error" "malfunction, malfunction,

Niki unit is short-circuiting, Warning……this unit requires service….


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