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Battery charge incomplete

We are all about friendly service.

New coffee franchise serving coffee with a dose of sexy:)

We 'r all about friendly service, making customers feel at home, warm & friendly, coffee is getting hotter... Erotic Pleasure.

Sex sells...perky cups ...
chief bikini inspector

Sexpresso coffee tea or me?

I have shot and directed a lot of commercials for TV over the years but what happened that day with Nikki, was sure quite unbelievable. I should probably start from the beginning. I was running late that day and when I finally got to the studio, Nikki, a very beautiful spokes model for a new Coffee/restaurant chain, was already waiting for me. I heard her say something about having to charge her battery while she was gazing at her laptop but for some reason, I figured she was talking about the laptop battery. Little did I know.

The new Coffee/restaurant chain is sort of a mixture of Starbucks and Hooters, which means, the coffee is not as important as the way it is presented and served. Needless to say, Nikki starts off sexy as hell and Believe me, I could not think of any real man who would not want to buy whatever $ 25 coffee she serves. Unfortunately or actually, fortunately for me, her battery situation worsens and believe it or not, that girl has some programs, that are well worth checking out. Watch me explore her deepest inner .... Nikki is definitely one of our all time best robots.



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