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Insufficient funds, access denied

Like most Friday nights, I was looking forward to seeing one of my girls. OK, maybe they are not really “my girls” but when you spend as much money on them as I do, it sure feels that way. Anyway, the second I saw Sierra that night, one of my favorites, I could not help but notice that she seemed a bit off. Something seemed how I can say, odd about her. Like for example her speech was a bit slow and her concentration seemed off as well. OH well, who cares, after all, I was there to get myself a piece of ass and not an intellectual conversation. As usual she swiped my credit card through her cleavage and that is when the trouble started. I know I was a bit low on funds but I could have sworn there was enough room for the transaction, I mean; I just made a payment and all. Anyway, she kept going on about the “transaction being denied” and that “I have no access to her pleasure functions”.

 Imagine if that would have happened to you, I mean you go and see a beautiful woman, your brain is already imagining what you are going to do to her and then all of a sudden you get rejected because of a few missing dollars. I tried telling her what a good customer I was and offered to work out some kind of payment plan but nothing seemed to work. She kept rambling on about me not being an authorized user and I kept insuring her that I was. All of a sudden she seemed to have had some sort of glitch or maybe she just wanted to show off how smart she was when she asked me for the password. We all know that every successful transaction comes with a password which eventually opens the doors to her pleasure center. At first I thought I was screwed, after all, I did not have the dam password but it seemed, at least at the time, to be a good idea to just throw my old password from last time, at her.

Of course she noticed my bluff right away but then it happened. You might not think this is possible but she was so jumbled up by now that she triumphantly told me that the password I gave her was wrong and that the right password was Alpha X. Here we go honey; I told you right from the beginning the right password. I was in, at least for a while, before she got all messed up. Yes, I had to remove some of her programming and replace it with a more "unauthorized user" friendly programming, yes she brought herself to orgasm for me, she stripped and danced, malfunctioned and most importantly made it an unforgettable night for me. Do I enjoy living in Detroit instead of sunny Florida, maybe not but who...




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