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"Driver not found"!

I had a feeling that it was not a good idea to open the door when the bell rang that night but there she was, a young blond bomb shell who, as it turned out, worked for a local Limo company. What was she doing at my house? Honestly, I had no idea. Somehow though, she seemed to believe that I had ordered a Limo to go to the opera that night which is of course absurd. Don't get me wrong, the opera is a great thing but certainly not my cup of tea. Anyway, she kept talking about her built in navigation system which had never failed her before and believe it or not, she kept insisting for me to go and change into something more appropriate for the opera. First I thought she was talking about her "built in" sense of directions but when she opened her blouse, thing slowly started to become clear. That thing was a fembot, programmed to mimic the job of a Limo driver. Yes, I was shocked but that was all just the beginning. Imagine what happened when I stated accidentally reprogramming her through the navigation system in her chest. Believe me, activating her sex program was an honest mistake, everything after that was fun though until....


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